Landscaping Designs for Homes in Northern Virginia

Landscaping Designs for Homes in Northern Virginia

Beautiful and delightful landscape designs are not an impossible dream for the average homeowner, especially when you have an experienced landscaping company on your side. Fernando Landscaping LLC, with over 15 years on the field helping people in the entire Northern Virginia area bring life to their lawn and yard, is the company to call for all your landscaping design needs.



Choose A Design That Matches You

Desert Landscaping

Succulents, stones, sand, and concrete are combined to create a cozy desert surrounded by plan life and earth colors.

Country Landscaping

Rows of flowers, a large shade tree, and a few tall grasses are the most common trait of this type of design.

Oriental Landscape.

The Oriental Style uses water, rocks and evergreens with a variety of plants to create distinctive perspectives. You might also consider adding a traditional Japanese Zen garden.

Xeriscape Gardens.

As much as 50 percent of household water is used for the yard or garden. This landscape specialty includes lots of low-water plants and flowers, as well as design ideas to reduce water evaporation.

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