The Great Benefits of Mulching Your Plants

The Great Benefits of Mulching Your Plants

Mulch is one of the easiest fillers to maintain in your garden. It provides several benefits to the health of your plants, the quality of the soil underneath, and the overall look of your landscape. There is a wide variety of materials that you can use to mulch your garden and they all share these same benefits.

It Keeps Weeds Away

Mulch acts like a barrier on the soil of your garden. It immediately blocks sunlight that can be used by troublesome and useless weeds to grow. This way, you will keep these weeds from appearing and taking off the nutrients of the rest of the plants in your yard.

It Helps Retain Moisture

Your bare soil may find it difficult to retain moisture by itself, especially during the hot summer days. By adding a bed of mulch that absorbs water, you will help the soil underneath stay moist which will also help your plants, as well as lowering your water bill.

It Reduces Erosion

Rainwater can easily wash away the soil around your plants along with the valuable nutrients in it. However, a bed of mulch would help water flow in a less erosive fashion, reducing its impact when it hits the ground.

It Helps Your Plants

The barrier created by mulch beds helps retain moisture and temperature, creating a warm climate that will foster the release of nutrients and the healthy growth of your plants.

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